Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress

Ladies, have you said YES TO THE DRESS? Many brides to be, non brides and even some past brides are very familiar with the phrase "So are you saying yes to the dress?"; this phrase is the trademark of Kleinfield bridal salon in NYC and heard on the hit TV show "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC.

A friend of mine has been in search for her dream dress for months. She has been trying on gowns all over South Jersey and Philadelphia and was not coming up with that perfect look. She liked parts of this dress and parts of that dress, a dress from this salon and a dress from that salon. After thinking about the purchase of a dress (and getting a little stressed), she knew she wanted to see all of her options in one location...then she thought of Kleinfield Bridal. She called the shop, which is located in Manhattan and asked if they had the designers she was interested in. They did! An appointment was made, and she was off to NYC.

She arrived at her appointment early thinking it would be a mad house. Although it was crowded, she was called back at her exact appointment time. The crowds were groups of people with other brides, although you are only allowed to bring 5 people with you. Once brought back to her private room, she was shown the dresses by the designers she asked and some others with in her price point. The original gown that she loved at a salon in South Jersey was there and became THE GOWN for her.

According to this bride-to-be, some special things they do at Kleinfield are:

1) During a trunk show, the designer is present and hands out autographed sketches of your gown

2) You receive special attention during a Trunk Show, and maybe even some special accommodations

3) Once you decide on a gown, the buyer comes out and measures you to ensure you are ordering the accurate size (as we all know wedding dress sizes are weird)

4) The sales reps are very knowledgeable of the gowns and told her things about the dresses that some salon reps in other locations did not

Some other things to keep in mind when considering Kleinfield Bridal....there is not any food or drink allowed, no photographs are permitted, you should call ahead to make sure they have the gowns you are interested in (or designer), see when the trunk shows are and although the alterations are highly priced - they are the best!

This bride to be bought a Romona Keveza gown and was assisted by Antonella, who was wonderful, she claimed.

Upcoming Trunk Show - Badgley Mischka 1/13 - 1/16

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