Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Friday! - Lace it Up with Pearls

So we decided, here at it's about details, to start Fashion Friday! We will put together outfits you could wear to your bridal shower, bachelorette party, luncheon, wedding day, bridesmaids, or just running wedding errands! Most Fridays it will be about the lady's, but don't worry some Fridays Jason will put together great outfits for men too!

To start it off I put together a romantic and slightly trendy outfit that's all about the lace accented with lovely pearls. It's perfect for spring! You can easily wear this outfit to your bridal shower, luncheon, or even meeting with your vendors. This outfit is great and budget friendly too! The Raschel Knit Lace Dress is from Forever21 and is only $24.80. The accessories and shoes are from Charlotte Russe, Tri-Blossom Stretch Ring just $4, Pink Pearl & Gem Bangle Set $6.50, Pearl & Bow Layered Necklace $7.50, Rhinestone, Pearl, & Bow Earrings $4,  and Glossy Lace-Print Platform Pump $30!

Grand total for an awesome outfit - $76.80!! 

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