Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Love Story

Hi Everyone! My name is Josephine and I'm engaged to the most wonderful man in the world! I just wanted to share my engagement story with you for a snap shot of the history my fiance and I have and the future we are building we each other! I was friends with my fiance for 5 years before we started dating, so we knew all of each others inperfections and quirks by the time we entered a relationship. So, fast forward 6 years which brings us to the day of our engagement! I have to start by saying that my fiance is very in touch with his emotions! So, when he said all he wanted for his birthday was a trip to Cape May, NJ where we could spend the weeked and take professional pictures on the beach for our first portrait together, I thought nothing of the request! We stayed at Congress Hall for the weekend and started the weekend with a trip to Cape May Day Spa which was perfect! That Sunday, dressed in a white sundress and him with a white buttom up and jeans, the photographer began taking pictures of us on what the locals in the area call "sunset" beach. The name fits the location perfectly. The day could not have been more picturesque! As we were posing for our shots, I noticed 2 tuxedo-clad men with violins stepping onto the beach. Still oblivious, I thought nothing of this and still had no idea of what was about to happen! Before I knew it, I began to hear violins playing Cannon in D behind me. When I turned back to my fiance, I found him down on one knee with "the ring". I was so surprised and the best part is our photogropher did not stop taking pictures! I shouted YES! as a crowd emerged to congratulate us. It was such a beautiful moment and the pictures that came from the day ended up as our engagement pictures which we shared with our family and friends!

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