Tuesday, June 5, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame

15 minutes of fame...do you think everyone is entitled to this?  Or how about second chances?  Have you read the stories about Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci?  Yes, they are the couple from South Jersey that were married on the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 1, 2012.  I believe their experience was more about second chances than fame, but fame is also what they encountered.

Both young widows, the two became the best of friends at a support group (head by Christina).  Soon they were doing almost everything together and bouncing life decisions off each other.  They had a lot in common, especially the fact that they both had small children.  After time, they fell in love and knew they were on the right path.

After posting an engagement story on face book, David's Bridal read it and fell in love.  Then the local newspaper decided to do a write up on them.  The couple could have never imagined where this was going.  As all of this was going on the David's Bridal rep forwarded it on and one thing lead to another and they were asked to be on stage along side Christina's favorite country female singer, Martina McBride...singing a song the two hoped to use in their vows, "Marry Me".

I had the chance to speak with them on the phone last week and they were the nicest people.  As we live in a small world, getting smaller by the minute, we had some Face Book friends in common so it was easy to get the conversations moving.  I loved hearing about how Christina started the support group for young widowers, how they met, fell in love and how Frank proposed (very uniquely); all leading up to the live wedding in Las Vegas.  But it doesn't stop there for these two, or should I say five as all their decisions are based as a family with their boys, this month they started a new support group for young kids who have lost their parent.  Incredible!

Check out more about Christina, Frank and their journey in the upcoming issue of the magazine on June 15.

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