Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bands vs. DJs

Once the guests are fed, it is time to head towards the dance floor. To hire a DJ, or a live band--that is the question. Well, it depends on your wants and needs for your wedding celebration.

What’s your style?

We all know music is essential for a fun and memorable reception. Are you a night of Iggy Pop or Sinatra? Or perhaps, Earth, Wind, and Fire? Whether you hire a DJ or a live band, we can all agree that both will be able to provide a night of classic hits across the decades while remaining true to the style of your wedding.

Consider how much variety you want during your reception. A well-tuned band will be able to play to the style of your wedding, but may lack in the ability to play songs at request, unlike a DJ. An experienced DJ should have no problem providing great variety and flexibility throughout the night because of the vast repertoire of music he/she is sure to have on hand.

What is your budget?

Any professional DJ or band will be able to flow with the theme of your wedding; but who best fits your budget? Generally, bands cost more than DJs, especially ensembles with 7-12 musicians. The more people you have in a band, the more people you have to pay. Capisci? The style of music you want to be played, the number of songs you requested, the number of hours hired, and the amount of rehearsal time needed for your wedding are all factors that will influence the price when hiring a wedding band.

But of course, bands are not always more expensive than DJs---when hiring a celebrity DJ, for instance. There, you might be paying double or triple the amount if you hired a local wedding band.

Let’s run some numbers. A professional wedding band, depending on the number of people, may cost $1500-$3,000 and up. On the other hand, a typical wedding DJ may cost $800-$1,500+. These numbers will vary depending on the time of the year and what part of the country you reside.

All things considered…

Choose the best type of entertainment that will make your big day unforgettable. Demand a high expectation from those you hire. But, the question still remains. Which would you prefer? A live performance by a stellar wedding band that is sure to create an electric vibe throughout the night or someone who has mastered the art of playing the iPod? --- Your fiancĂ©’s little brother’s high school garage band or an engaging disc jockey that is able to keep the guests up and dancing all night?

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