Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Has Changed in the Wedding Industry?

With so many girls at my office getting engaged (there are 5
just in my department) it got me thinking about when I got married and how
things have changed. Granted, it has
only been 6 years since I took my beautiful walk down the aisle, but so many
new options have come into place for planning and throwing the best day of your
1) Photography - Picking a photographer has always been (and should be) one of the most important decisions you will make. This person (or team) will capture your entire day and should showcase all of your hard work / details. This part has not changed, but what has changed is the way pictures are taken. Today's brides have been getting together with their photographer and fiance for engagement pictures; and making them unique the couple will go "on location" for these, such as an abondanded building, the countryside, old railroads or simply around the town. In addition to the engagement pictures, the couple is also doing this on the day of their wedding. Taking pictures a step further, the couple is also making appointments to "trash their dress" after the wedding.
2) Shoes - Shoes are an amazing accessory! The popular trend today is to wear any shoe you want while you walk down the aisle. Some brides are picking blue shoes, like these by Manolo Blahnik which can also be used for your 'something blue'. Other brides are choosing shoes that match their wedding party. A friend of mine choose these HOT PINK strappy shoes for her wedding, and boy did they make the photo's pop.
3) Do it Yourself (DIY) - There are so many DIY projects for your wedding day. From the invitations to decorations to party favors, many brides are taking on these tasks to make everything blend. Check out here for many DIY ideas.

4) The Dress - I feel like there are so many options for the bride. The traditional style is not the
only choice for the bride. White is not even the only choice. Colored sashes
are a great add on tot he bride. And David's Bridal added a new collection to
their line called "Two in One Gowns". These gowns are made for
you, the bride to go from "Vow to WOW" in one dress.
With all the many decisions you have to make for your wedding day, I am sure it will be the most
perfect day of your life!!

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