Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 5 Perfumes For Your Wedding Day

by: Stefanie Savino

There are many items that are on a bride's to do list: Flowers, invitations, honeymoon, etc. One item that may not get much attention is her signature scent for the big day. There are so many different scents to choose from that can range from fresh, floral, sweet and subtle. To assist you picking the perfect one here is my top five list of perfumes that are perfect for your wedding day:

1. Jennifer Aniston
This scent is light, sensual with a splash of jasmine and violet. Perfect for those brides who want something light and clean, but it still very romantic.

2. Marc Jacobs - Oh Lola!
If you love fruity scents that smell delicious and are flirty than this is the perfect choice for you! One of my favorite perfumes! It has notes of vanilla, peony, pear and raspberry! Perfect for a summer bride or any time of year!

3. Ralph Lauren - Romance
One word that describes this scent is timeless! It's a woodsy, floral musk. Brings out the romantic in all of us!

4. Vera Wang - Sheer Veil
No talk of bridal anything is complete until you mention Vera Wang! Sheer Veil is the perfect scent for your wedding day as it embodies romance, fun, and will seduce you senses. Contains champagne rose, lavender, white lily and violet.

5. Tocca Beauty: Graciella
Lush, clean with floral hints Graciella is fitting for any bride! Contains hints of bitter orange, Asian pear, Casablanca Lily, Ylang Ylang and more. You will feel amazing and gorgeous when you wear this scent?

What are some of your favorite bridal scents? What did you wear on your wedding day or What are you planning on wearing on your big day?

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