Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh St. Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! But where did this day come from? There are quite a few stories in ancient history the claim to be the fame of St. Valentine. The most romantic one I enjoyed, was of Valentine, the Roman priest. He was marrying Christian couples during the time of emperor Claudius II. At first Claudius II liked Valentine, however after Valentine overstepped his bounds when he tried to convert the emperor; Claudius sentenced him to an ugly death. The date February 14th is said to be the death anniversary of Valentine. While he was in jail, it is said that he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer...and when he wrote to her, he signed the note "from your Valentine".
Today, the term Valentine holds more romance than any other name. Many people were asking that simple question today, "Will You Be My Valentine?".
Many retailers have made millions off of this 'holiday'. People love to spend on their significant others, whether it be candy, chocolate, flowers, jewelry or perfume. Many couples even get engaged at this romantic day and begin their lives with this date.
For me, my husband and I are not big on this holiday. As with many married couples, the 'holiday' gets lost in the week with work and home schedules. I have, however been thinking of Victoria's Secret all day...week in fact. When I came home from work, there was a nice box of heaven or should I say "Heavenly" sitting on the table.
Victoria's Secret is the one brand that nailed it when it comes to romance, seduction and love. They are the go to store to satisfy most needs! Look below for some great gift ideas and even some wedding night attire from the company.

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