Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Years Eve Wedding

Are you attending a New Year's Eve wedding celebration this year? The calendar fell perfectly for those who love this festive date and dreamed of being married / celebrating into the new year. What better way to start the new year, then newly (and I mean really newly) weds. If you are the bride for this great occasion, chances are you are just about finished with your most important details, but what about the small ones? Did you pick your shoes? Shoes are a very important accessory for this (the utmost) best day in your life. After are taking a big step into your new life; why not make that step fashionable. Many brides are choosing blue shoes for their wedding (something blue) but for a New Year's wedding, those shoes should present you with a bang. If the dress coordinates, check out these by Jimmy Choo (Teal Tawny), they are certain to turn some heads. Shoes already picked, how about some finishing touches on your flowers? For this celebration try adding some streamers and blow horns into your bouquet, it will look festive.

Not the bride, attending a wedding on New Years Eve. This occasion requires the best of the best, most fashionable attire. After all, this is not just any wedding and not just any New Year's party. Chances are the reception will begin late (8pm or so), you want to dress black tie. Any color would work for this wedding, however I would still stay clear of red. I would never recommend wearing red to any wedding; the shade of red is a show stopper. Everyone notices the girl in the red dress, and this is not your night. I would suggest silvers and golds being the best shade to wear.

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