Monday, December 5, 2011

First Look

Many photographers are encouraging brides to have their formals pictures taken prior to the ceremony. While this may free up time during cocktail hour, some brides are feelings as though they have to see each other prior to exchanging vows, despite wanting to be traditional.
It's possible to stay traditional and have plenty of time to enjoy yourself during cocktails. Try to allot a little extra time between getting ready and the ceremony. This little gap can be used to take pictures of yourself and groom not seeing each other such as bridals, family, and bridesmaids. Just that alone will save a lot of time for later.

Once the ceremony is over, there mainly only the entire bridal party and family pictures to be taken. After these few shots are taken, encourage your guests to enjoy cocktails as you stay behind with your groom. This allows for more intimate moments and also allows your photographer to move more quickly.
It can be rather distracting for the bride and groom to have numerous cameras flash, therefore I find it best to photograph them when guests and family have trickled away, allowing for photos that are more intimate. This also enables the photographer to move more quickly, which as a result lets the couple plenty of time to enjoy cocktails.

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