Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't forget the details

You spend countless hours and quite a few paychecks to put together the prefect invitations, choose the right favors, and try on dozens of shoes but somehow it all seems to get lost in the mix when it comes to pictures.

If you think about it, without each of those details, you’d be standing barefoot in an empty room. Each detail, no matter how small, attributes not only to the ambiance of the day but to your personality.. These pictures will make your wedding memories even more vivid when you look back 50 years from now.

The day of the wedding can be pretty hectic as you scramble around trying to prepare. It’s best to ask the maid of honor to gather these items for you so that the photographer has access when he or she arrives. this saves the photographer a lot of time, meaning you’ll have even more pictures of yourself getting ready! Unsure of which items to get together? You can always ask your photographer for an opinion, though my rule of thumb is if you paid for it, I’m taking a picture of it.

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