Monday, September 5, 2011

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1) How many weddings have you done?

2) What specifically is included in the cost?

3) What happens if I cancel? What happens if you cancel?

4) Do you use a contract?

5) Do you carry liability insurance?

6) What is the photographer's style -- traditional, photojournalistic, etc.?

7) Do you shoot in a digital format that can create both color and black and white versions of the same picture?

8) What will the photographer and assistant wear?

9) Can I look at a complete wedding album you have shot?

10) Are you the wedding photographer who will actually take our pictures?

11) Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

12) Do you have backup equipment?

13) What time will you arrive at the site?

14) Is my wedding the only one he or she will be shooting that day?

15) What is the ordering process?

16) Are any of the images edited and/or retouched?

17) Have you been to this location? If not, will you visit beforehand?

20) Why did you choose to be a wedding photographer? (this question will allow you to determine whether your photographer is truly passionate or just cares about a paycheck)

21) Will you stay additional time if the wedding runs behind?

22) How long do you estimate the formals will take?

23) Do you have any samples of church weddings? (very important if you are having a church ceremony with a no flash policy)

24) Has every picture in your portfolio been taken by you (or the photographer which will be covering our wedding)?

25) What are your payment terms?

26) Am I able to add or subtract once the contract is signed?

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