Thursday, July 7, 2011

Image Watermarks - Show the love

Facebook and Twitter have blown up to the point where sometimes it may feel that they are taking over the world. They each allow us to keep in touch with friends and family, worldwide. Finally we have a way to share pictures without constantly receiving that ‘over attachment limit’ message so often received when attempting to send pictures via email.

Many photographers add their watermark to images that they give you for online display. Before cropping out that watermark, realize that not only is it illegal but you are also hurting your photographer. Watermarks are not only a viable way to control image stealing, but also a main means of advertising. If you’re sharing your professional pictures online, you likely loved your photographer – so why not share it with everyone you know?

Someone always knows someone that is looking for a photographer, and that watermark or image credit serves as a great referral! Lulu posted her pictures, excited to share her first professional photo shoot that she’d ever had. She had no idea that a friend of hers had been searching for a photographer for an upcoming event. By mentioning Frozen Moments on her upload, her friend was able view the website for a company that she knew was reputable.

So next time you upload your awesome new professional pictures, think about how someone you know would love an experience just as awesome as yours.

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