Monday, May 2, 2011

Clutter While Getting Ready

It’s finally the big day.

Your maid of honor walks in and with three plastic bags full of accessories, makeup, and other needed items. She tosses the bags to the side and runs up to hug you. The rest of the bridesmaids arrive and hugs are quickly exchanged. The photographer arrives and before you know it, it’s time to get ready.

The girls throw off their shoes and toss them in a corner. Suddenly, there are piles of clothes everywhere and hardly any room to walk. The photographer scrambles to catch each girl getting ready, trying so hard to crop out the piles of clothes, bags, and shoes. There are likely gorgeous shot opportunities missed because a large tattered tote bag was thrown on the floor just as the moment occurred.

Getting ready for your big day is usually hectic, but it is also important to remain organized. Your photographs are going to be your main source of memory of your day and you want to be certain that your photographer is able to capture the beauty. Clutter not only makes it difficult for the photographer to maneuver, but also requires the photographer to try for much tighter shots which will take away from the overall feel.

Of course I don’t suggest that you neatly fold and store all of your belongings; however it is probably a good idea to designate a bridesmaid or two to keep the room orderly. Those few minutes of tucking away a few things will make all of the difference.

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