Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great alternative to an open bar!

Weddings cost money, there is no way around that. You read everywhere ways to keep your budget as low as possible.........cut the guest list, don't have a dinner, have your wedding on a day other then Saturday, have a cash bar only etc. Let's be realistic not everyone is able to cut down their guest list, some people just have big families and many friends.
In some families not having dinner for your guests just isn't an option, especially when your fiance really wants dinner at his own wedding! I understand it's cheaper having your wedding on a day other then Saturday, but do you really want to make your guests rush after work to your wedding? Or having it on a Sunday when people work the next day, or you have family member's from out of state/town?
The highly debated "cash bar" make your GUESTS pay for ALL of their alcoholic beverages is tacky. You invited them. Would you invite someone to your house and charge them for a drink? But to pay for an open bar does add a huge expense to your already tight budget. There's a perfect solution to this great debate, fun drink tickets! You can give your guests drinks without charging them and without breaking your budget! Give your guests three drink tickets each. They don't have to pay and you get to have control of your budget. Below are some great drink ticket ideas. You can find many more at

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